Noxcrew MC Championship Highlights #13 Ft. Dream, Grian, And more!

Noxcrew MC Championship Highlights #13 Ft. Dream, Grian, And more!

21 926 views | 12 Dec. 2020

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Perfect Ending To A Perfect MCC Punz With That Flick Shot


the first time i saw cyan turkey, i know this team gonna be sick

Hi hi

how fast are you with these highlight videos?? gj dude

Mr. Influential

Dude can you pick actually good battle box highlights cuz those were garbage

Divemaster Daniel

Why are they all so loud ????

edgelord supreme

how come you stoped streaming rlcraft or just streaming in general

Levita Mariano Palo

When I saw Dan's skin (I haven't watch his pov in the event yet) I was like: "wait why is Dan a girl-"

Phil Swift

The new Hole in the Wall death messages are great!

Chicken Nugget

Out of all of them, Purple did so well esp Grian and Kara. They popped off.

Chicken Nugget

No False Hole in the Wall?

Dion Andrei

you forgot Dream's favorite, Build Mart


Punz: I didn’t get the ace :(

Zaire Gibbons

how are there only like 2 teal turkeys clips? they won

Kelly Midgley

I feel like teal should have been shown way more, with them being the winning team and all

Ameer Dahbour

8:31 it says Dream died after 5 years in hardcore, rlly did Phil dirty


You shouldve included Ludwig being stuck in the invisible wall

Sarqo ,

props to you for the dedication of finding all these clips, takes some serious effort <3


Jordan 3rd :’(


im so sad for the penguins maybe next time


6:24 Colorblind moment

Garam Garam

Tommy was in Dream's head in 0:57

ordinary Jared

Sapnap and his team dominated

Riley Sansom

Not the Captain curse the 3rd place again




great highlights video, just don't rush it. Missed a lot of other good parts:

- Teal Turkeys dominating Parkour Tag
- Fruit typing what "-mrod" it was in-game chat during the third round of HitW
- Wilbur crashing in Ace Race
- Teal getting three bonuses in TGTTOS
- Illumina crashing the Decision Dome (he threw a chicken treat at a fox)
- Red Reindeers popping off in Build Mart
- Fundy jinxing the second round of Dodgebolt by saying, "did you know he speeduns?"
- the MCC credits

and so many more


These "highlights" were bad

J_J ka1341



Illumina clutch and his 1v4 against Dream's team in Battle Box

poop hell

bad highlights just random clips

Take it off now gorl

No one’s talking about Corals 9 for 9? that was literally insane


My fave part was went smallishbeans had to run to Scott’s house to get a new keyboard ajshsjhshdbehe

yOu'Re bEhAvIoR iS sO UgHh!!

My fav part of this mcc was George poppin off in Ace Race:]

Kelly Midgley


The Gallifreyan Architect

That ending was depressing but I think this was the best MCC I've seen in a while.

Original Content

Dream was so close


I kinda hope build mart/or just a build game doesn't get scrapped for mcc, clearly it's not the popular streamers fav game since they mostly show well in pvp/parkour/race games while games like hole in the wall and build mart or for the more minigame players

Anmol Agashe

Why dont you show illumina's clutch speedbridge

SandwichLord 680

How to speedrun MCC, any % glitchless


none of Illumina killing all of Dreams team in Battle Box?

Julian Ozbourne Bucsit

Dan will never win unless he will team with techno or dream

Axel Seaks


Your Mother



Jesus you edit fast

Molly Frain

I think everyone just felt bad for sapphire


Pete almost won Hole in the wall 3 times


"finnster whacked thiccdream"


Grain deserverd to win

Golden Alligators

Can you guys imagine a team of Dream, Techno, Ilumina, and Grian

Dexter Evans 01

Build mart so boring there aren't any highlights for it

Kairu FX

15:15 to 15:18 i saw npc badboyhalo

cielo_ 428

I really wanted purple penguins to win,Kara Pete and false already won atleast once but grian hasn't won a single one I feel bad:(


how Teal won MCC:
- unintentionally stack
- let Kara get one of you
- clutch


i appreciate that you get these highlights out very quickly, but i think you should focus more on quality. Like some of these are just random clips