DIY IKEA HACKS - Super Affordable + Cute Room Decor + Furniture!

DIY IKEA HACKS - Super Affordable + Cute Room Decor + Furniture!

569 657 views | 6 Dec. 2020

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Excited to share with you another set of IKEA hacks! All 4 projects were extremely simple but totally transformed these pieces. A few of these projects are inspired by CB2 and cost half the price to create. Which one was your favorite? Comment below!


+ Loom kit-

+ Bamboo black basket-

+ Light bulb cord set-

+ Black stain-

+ Cabinet-

+ Small vase (similar)-

+ Joint compound-

+ Heat gun-


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+ Sigma 35mm Lens:

+ Microphone:

+ Memory Card (BEST):

+ Tripod:


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Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Leave any future video ideas you would like to see in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe!

Shan S.

omggggg i have to try that bar!

Karma Chambers

Fantastic tips, thank you

Helen Harrell

Your cabinet is absolutely beautiful!! You are very creative

The Unicorn Adventures

WOW! Love the cabinet hack, gorgeous! Also love the weaving loom. Might do double sided and make a boho purse!

Jasmine Clark

I love the cabinet!

Bridgette Rueff

Hahahaha this is like the 5th tambour diy I’ve seen on YouTube recently

Andrea Sahulova

Thank you for the ideas <3

Jovanna Correa

OMGGG that bar!!

Tamara Mainardi

Definitely updating my dining room light

Kristi Finch

The bar is awesome!! It looks just like the 20 custom bars Diddy gave away to his friends for New Years.

Epiphanie Saint


Evelyn Cullen

Hey, you could try and make a big pouf or something like that with that wooden cabinet that’s also a storage. I’d love to see that tutorial

Doris Noyes

Beautiful work . . . Beautiful hacks!! I definitely loved the bar and the weaved-wall hanging. What patience and love of whatever you are doing went into that work. I enjoyed watching this video and the end results! Doris @ San Diego


I love it thanks lonefox for this amazing projects

Margarita Ray

Okay now I’m def into weaving, thanks sweetie

Carole Gobin

Love all your hacks

Saga Wang

Wow that’s really neat! I love it . Great job as always

Michelle Manwaring

With the pendant lamp how do you hide your pug in cord? I don’t love cords visible.

Steffanie Jones

You are a genius! Thank you so much for these amazing ideas! I will have to make the cabinet for sure!

Laura Brown

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Elizabeth Trihub

Love that dresser!!!!
You did great!

Aga Grekowicz

Absolutely beautiful !


You do such an amazing job. Loved the fox hanging pot...adorable and the bar was beautiful!. Looks so expensive!!

Jade Pacheco

You have a beautiful vision. Thanks for sharing your creativity

Michael Yi

My fiancee and I absolutely love this! All your videos inspired us to do a lot of our own DIY projects. But we found that after we put on a few paint coats, the paint still chips away. Do you do any sort of polyurethane coat at the very end to protect the paint?

Zahia M

OMG love the cabinet at the end!!!!!!!! where did you find the golden door handle ??? so beautiful!!!

Tiffani Vu

Wow, great ideas. Love it


Bar is very clever! Thank you

Lisa Gilliam

where did you get the nail please?


damn, that cabinet is such a mood! gorgeous!

Shohreh Eilbeig


rushes to ikea to buy that loom!

Lone Fox

Happy Sunday Friends! Thank you so much for spending some time with me today and I hope you enjoyed these projects. Honestly, these hacks were some of my favorites that I have done on the channel! Don't forget to also stay tuned until the end for a giveaway (You won't want to miss this one!)

Diane Cuevas

Absolutely loved that bar cabinet

Annette Salazar

You are sooo creative, I love your videos!

Crystal J

The bar is gorgeous

Barbara Nuhanovic

Wow the cabinet turned out so beautiful!!! You are so talented

Christin Emanuelsson

Yikes.. the names on the ikea things.. the dark basket named “Hurring”.. where I live, in southern Sweden, a “hurring” is when you slap someone..

Family Yo

What the handle do you use? What is size of the strip wood for ikea ivar

Maíra Pinto

Esse móvel preto ficou incrível!

Claudia Gamez

You are so talented. ❤️❤️


The cabinet looks so high end!

Jennifer McLain

Just found your channel. Love the projects you did!!

Stephanie Sheridan

Merry Christmas love your fox planter.

Maria Maria

So smart with the pendant light!

Samantha Brown

My favorite thing was the cabinet.

Junemoon *

Dude!!!! That pottery piece with the dirt

Debra Williams

Love, love, love cabinet and the light fixture. If I had the tools I would create both. Great job!

Tuguldur Khuderchuluun

Woooooow i love

Stephanie Sheridan

People must not realize that heat guns were made that way before. I have got to start making a loop. Love your tutorial on a loop.

Sonya Jordan

OMG i though you were joking when you pulled in the dirt from the outside but it turned out so well!!!!


All projects turned out fantastic!!!!

Brittany Cameron

I knew the cabinet would be beautiful, but it exceeded my expectations. Great job.


Liked and subscribed

Arlene Pienaar

This is amazing Lone Fox!!!!! You rock!

miss lee

Why the exaggeration in the voice eww overkill

Win Win

Beautiful cabinet! Love it

Gillis' House

Love th cabinet make over❤

Yasmin Torres

Does anyone have any advice on fire hazards when it comes to making light like these (basket,doilies,yarn etc) I’m always afraid of my lights catching a fire? Is there anything I can spray on it or maybe change the bulb or use a certain type that doesn’t heat up.

Mary Pace

I love the bar!!!

Lulu R

Loved that bar!!! You are so talented ❤️

Shannon Rivera

Love the cabinet!

Carol Steinmiller

Love you and
I look forward to each new project you create!

ARdeco Design & Organize


Kelly Robinson

Nicely done!!

Michelle Ferreira

love the cabnet..amazing job

Connie Toler

Love that cabinet!!

Susan Hull

That cabinet was stunning. Good job.

Paula W

Love, love, love the bar/cabinet!

Bernadette Gomez

I really love the cabinet

Clarence Hartmann

Re: The bar. May I suggest after the stain dries to spray with a clear sealer, ( comes in flat or gloss). A piece of granite counter or butcher block on the top would really take it to a new level.

Anya Hernandez

Oh i missed the giveaway( i really want to have an ipad) im a new subscriber

Jade Wierenga

What color green is that on the wall behind you while talking??

Ivy Chan

I loveeee the bar

Padmavathi Sarvepalli

I could NOT be more obsessed with you. I am so happy I found you. The ikea hacks are SO FREAKING COOL!

Juan Carlos Cortez

I loved every single one of these IKEA hacks! But the real question is, where did you get that amazing jacket from your intro?!


The sparkling slave early bolt because trial aetiologically box anenst a earsplitting transaction. black, clammy range

Floating Pines

That cabinet is majestic!!!

Learn to Read

Hey, Lone Fox. I stumbled upon your channel when you were re-doing your bedroom. I’m a veteran high school art teacher of 35 years! I love your esthetic and DIY ideas and projects. The bar cabinet is wonderful and am showing to my husband to make.

Your videos are so well done, very professional, music, title screens and script. Really have enjoyed this channel. My only critique is to find other descriptors besides “cute”. If I owned my own subscription channel, aka HGTV etc. I would hire you to have your own series, I feel you are really great. Wish you were close enough to redecorate my home. I’m 65 and love your style. Keep at it, I can see you in the future with your own furniture decor line!


Thank You for all the great ideas. Love that they are simple enough for newbie DIY’ers to do.

Tamara H

Call me if you ever have a garage sale

Nancy Ascue

I love the cabinet at the end you are fantastic everything you do it’s unique

Jane Sanchez

You are talented young man. Love what you do with the IVAR cabinets
Very inspiring

Maureen Thompson

Great DIY you are so talented. Following now on instagram wow!! Cant wait to follow such a talented guy.

Taiva Ioane

That vase looks like a lil bong

Beth Nocle Lakey

Everything you creat is so pretty


Omg I love drew lol “i don’t even know what I’m doing but it seemed right in my head”

Marsha Abney

That cabinet!!!!!


I LOVE this IVAR IKEA shelf it is so versatile! Your version looks so good

Shelley Scott

the cabinet looks fantastic!! Iooks so much more expensive and really chic. definately keen to give that a try. thanks for the inspo

Debi Gates

The loom project was really cute. I enjoyed the basket light. And I super loved the cabinet!!

Karina Cabrera

12:05 really freaked me out for a sec

Monica Tapia

Where did you get your tool hanging set you have on your bar (last project #4)?? I love it!


I feel so inspired after watching this! I loved the yarn idea that you had!

Sharon Sargeant

Love all the projects. I am going to try the bar and the lamp. Love you Lone Fox!

Sara Peg

Cabinet is amazing your well talented ❤️

Diana McClinton

Love the bar and weaving!

Elizabeth Honey

Cool Stuff