Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover on a Budget | Extreme Clean #WithMe 2020 | Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover on a Budget | Extreme Clean #WithMe 2020 | Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

28 936 views | 19 May. 2020

Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover on a budget | Extreme Clean #WithMe 2020 | Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Hi y'all! I have an extremely satisfying room transformation for you today! I am so excited about this! My kids bathroom was neon green and really needed a deep cleaning. I take you with me as I transform it from yuck to amazing ! I hope you find this video super motivating! I am so so excited to finally be moved in to the new house.. I also include how I removed the well water rust stains from my tub surround! I also use some tile cleaning hacks to renew the grout in there as well. This is a massive transformation! I am so excited to tackle the rest of the rooms in this house!

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I am tackling so much clutter and mess in my house. So much dust, dirt and grime. I show you all the details of my MESSY HOUSE CLEANING! I hope this video motivates you to get up and deep clean with me .. my house is a complete disaster zone! Messy House cleaning at it's best !! I am a busy stay at home working mama of two kiddos. Life has wrecked my normal cleaning routine. It is time to tackle the MESS! I hope this video gives you some motivation to check the items on your TO DO list off. I picked out some amazing cleaning motivation music to get you up and on your feet ! I use all my favorite products including: Mrs Meyers, Method , and some e-cloths. If you enjoyed this video please LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! I make new cleaning motivation videos weekly!

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Can you tell me the colour and make of this paint? I'd like to use it myself.

Sue Collado

Get some stick on felt pads then attach them to the undersides for the over door hanger, (I use 3 stuck on top of each other) to bring it out lever once towels dressing gowns etc are hooked on this stops the bottom edge damaging paint on door & stops marks being made in door...

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Htown Andi

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Anna's Journey to a Healthier life

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Get How To Ideas For Your Small Great Room!

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Love how it turned out ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Suzanne Hutnell

❤️ love how this turned out

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Love this bathroom update! Where did you find your medicine cabinet? Love it!

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New subscriber here Jessie...been binge watching your videos...

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Michele Larson

Merle Brown

I have used Lime Away toilet bowl cleaner in my rusty tubs showers and sinks for years. The spray lime away cleaner isn’t as effective as the toilet bowl cleaner. However I will say over time it appears to affect the surface of the acrylic tubs and showers. Not horribly but....

Train Resort

This is awesome, like it a lot

Sierra Schmidt

❤️ can’t wait for more cleaning video


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Flin Ryder

Gorgeous love it x

Diane Collier

Your toilet bowl cleaner works really well on cleaning dirty grout lines as well.

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Candace Marie

I want that same wall cabinet over the toilet but its $71 new, did you buy it used for 50? Thinking about buying it that way for the price.

Vicki Waddell

But didn't zep take off the shine that goes on tub?

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Carlos Gutiérrez

Teaunda Montgomery

So beautiful

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Danielle Gibson

This looks so good! We had well water in our farmhouse in Illinois and my step-mother would use Sno Bowl (sp?) to keep the rust stains out of the tub. I think it may have been a toilet cleaner, but it took that red out immediately and would leave the tub sparkling white!

Lola Ottinger

There is a product that is able to remove rust, and it works very quickly, it’s called Zud. It used to be easy to find, but not sure that’s the case anymore, so I googled it, it’s available at Walmart as well as many other places including Amazon.

Wanda Roach

Connie Flanagan

❤️ love it!

Shelia Johnson

Love everything you are doing to your house from your daughters bedroom this bathroom you have the best backyard ever I would love to find a house like you and your family enjoyed every minute if this video

Jamie Koblas

My favorite rust cleaner is Whisk Rust Stain Remover. It litterally just takes it off, no scrubbing at all.

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Love it just found you on here and you are awesome ❤️ and hubby too.

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Just found your channel, love watching you remodel your dream home ❤️

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❤ loved it ❤ "heart"

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❤ New subscriber. Your pool makeover was in my feed, and this is the second video I've watched. Cannot wait to enjoy the rest. Thanks.

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MUCH better colour. Love the cabinets. I would have called them Hamptons coastal rather than farmhouse... but a lovely choice. Hi from Australia.

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the five family

Judy Hazelwood the bathroom..



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I am literally binge watching

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❤️ new to your channel.

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Heart! I LOVE the way it turned out!


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❤️ love it!

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❤ I'm a new subscriber and I love watching your videos.


❤️Hey Jessie, you've gone international! kkk
I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I found your videos not too long ago. I've been binge watching them since, while I try to follow in your footsteps. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to get my fat ass out of the couch and give a little bit of love to my somewhat neglected house. You have a very soothing voice. ❤️

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Quedo hermoso...!!! Felicidades!!!

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<3 I love the color! So pretty and fresh

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Get How To Ideas For Your Small Great Room!

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❤️ I can’t seem to find the links to the cabinets you used... help

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shirleyj Johnston

I am so excited cuz I also take a paint brush and tape to my old broom handle. I hardly use a ladder and some of my walls are 17 feet tall. I use a LONG handle that you extend for those high up ceiling fans. Tape brush to it. Little tricky but beats a ladder which my knees hate. Great video! Thank you....

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❤️ Beautiful

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Beautiful Refresh. I'm really enjoying your makeovers.

Collette Landwer

Nice job on this bathroom refresh ... we had a quote for nearly whole house repainting, and I’ve already taken off 3 rooms, painting them myself. I’m loving that grey from you kitchen and bedroom, and think I may sneak in my living room in similar color. More work for me, but I’m in a groove from painting the last 2 weeks, and I’m OCD on wanting to see that grey up in my house. (Too bad the painters schedule says 10/25 as first available, lol).

Line Magahy

<3 Hope that heart works. Thank you for the nice video.

Angela Zeman

❤ You are such a hard worker! I need you at my house!

Brenda Brasley

Beautiful ❤️

Janice Harrell

I love how you and your husband work together. Y’all have worked so hard but it will be so worth it when you finish! The bathroom looks so good!