Best Fails of Week 1 July 2016 | FailArmy

Best Fails of Week 1 July 2016 | FailArmy

8 949 627 views | 8 Jul. 2016

Fails fails and more fails!!!! We're starting July 2016 strong with the best fails we've received this past week. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Don't forget to submit your fails at!! Salute.

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Wedding Party Falls into Pool

Brother and Sister Fall Off Mini Trampoline

Water Pipe Bursts on Roadway

Man Lands on Nuts Jumping to Concrete Platform

Baseball Players Collide into Each Other

Surfers Narrowly Miss Each Other on Wave

Father Pranks Son with Water Bottle

Golfer Breaks Club

Girl Falls Backwards on Skimboard

Bridesmaid Slips during Bouquet Toss

Dog Hops on Top of Other Dog in Pool

Girl Knocks out Light Above Her with Hula Hoop

Guy Can't Catch a Break on Swing

Owner Teases Hamster with Food

Umpire Gets Hit in the Balls

Boy vs. Dodgeball

Soccer Ball Hits Camera Behind Net

Loose Skateboard Hits Bystander in the Face

Dad Tries to Use New Swegway

Cat Attacks Birds Projected on Wall

BMXer Fails to Nose Manual

Skateboarders Wipeout on Pavement

Golfer Accidentally Hits Cameraman

Unicyclist Rides off Wall

Mascot Slams Nuts into Pole

Dad Falls off Son's Scooter

Two Quads Fall Down Side of Mountain

Snowboarder Wipes Out on Mountain

Teen Skateboarder Injures Back

Dancing Guy Slips in the Kitchen

Soccer Trickshot Gone Wrong

Golfer Slides into Lake

Wedding Party Falls into Pool

Brother and Sister Fall Off Mini Trampoline

Water Pipe Bursts on Roadway

Man Lands on Nuts Jumping to Concrete Platform

Baseball Players Collide into Each Other

Surfers Narrowly Miss Each Other on Wave


4:45 "Do you need help?" Er, no. He's in water. Water isn't harmful to golfers.

That Guy


Nick Schimpf


Gracie Radke

Legend had it those skateboarders are still sliding.


5:11 Ah I guess Watch Dogs 2 stoled that one

Ethan Spencer

Do Dodgeball Fails????

andres ortega

reporten a la mina rusia muy weona

Steve Rogers

3:24 That was a lot to deal with.


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point n' shoot

best moment for me 4:10

Kenny Schuh



@failarmy I was on one of the videos you made in 2018. It was july fails 2018. You made it private and now I cant see it:(

fidelina carballo

No deberían hacer el chiste del agua y menos a los chicos. No es gracioso.

Matthew Mekonnen

Why on earth do hamsters do that??!!

Jorge 999

like si hablas en español y estas viendo uno en ingles

yeet penis69looper

1: 07


4:15 JEEZ

Ray Calle

4:15 Oh painfull

señor peruno





Buen video me hizo reír

PoleLord Clips

0:06 why did he do it so hard

Evan Tambolang

3:18 Chevk out my motherf*ckin' scootah'!!

Zach Myers

Shade tree surgeon here at the end

Lukas Constantinos

Mom:almost gets turned Into a chicken nugget

Child:*continues laughing*

Brian Rivera

First one was mean af. That's how they treat their adoptive brothers.

Leematoad Gaming

1:12 Loading Response XD


4:14 was hurt full hehe!!

Synbaxviro 007

poor hamster on 1:15


I feel bad for the hamster


5:24 Vigyázz!!!


6:24 it is Taxi 666!

Gongoozler I am

The lady with the hair dryer was so funny at first but when the fire blasted her face :( Is she okay? I hope she doesn't have anything bad permanently scar her from that.

martin Luther

the kids laughing while their mother is on fire - classic


0:01 MR. BEAN

That Guy Mark

5:50 Hmmmmmmmmm....... This Seems Familiar?....( ̄ω ̄)

pikachu batsche

this is funny :D

Nenad Filipovic

2:06 daughter told ya so bad daddy

Jade Pollard


The Mini Vloggers-Elijah&Ethan

4:15 i can feel the pain i feel bad

Nightcore online

6:39 that's not funny !!!

shark snake

most of these fails are guys getting hit in the balls


Get up pwease

TheMechanic 67

0:00 she stares to camera


1:07 to 1:21 (I LAUGHED SOOO HARD)


7:02 next kids make at home flame thrower out of flower and hair dyer

ItsMeStefan 2877


Eleanor Quayle

1:17 the hamster (chinchilla?) is broken

Steamer the Shiba

3:05 = fursuit fail


3:14 is such an underrated fail. LOL.

Neil Aspinall

That man at the start who squashed the water bottle into the kid's eyes should be charged with child abuse and have the kid taken from him. He has no idea of the non trust that kid has in him forever.


The first one is just a really bad dad, I am sure that hurt the kids eye.


4:12 hope the little guy is ok... that was a nasty fall


7:05 is when you think it’s all an innocent prank but you are just stupid.

yeet penis69looper


Xx Anime Lover xX

This was made 5 days before my birthday

Mythraeyan Sriram

That hamster


7:07 And this kids, is basically how fuel-air explosives work, if you're planning on making this prank, make sure you use a powder that doesn't contain cellulose.


3:33 - magnets // 3:38 vacuum

!STRIKE! 5:51

Susana Pavon

I like how the white kid in 4:10 gets hurt its satisfying

Brady Song

hair dryer + flower = flamethrower

Thicc Hamster



Wild Doge

LMAO lol!

vJOKINGv twitch

0:59 double kill!!

Pontifex Maxmus

7:50 "AND stay down!"

Blaze _yt




Whats worse than a punch to the face? A skateboard to the face...

andres ortega

y el vice la tiene chica

Dødie Yelløw

At 1:16 what happened to the hamster?

Not Quadity

we all know that 4:14 is by far the worst one here

Sterling Crockett

0:53 I think the Hula Girl there is oh so sexy, and I'm not entirely sure why. Eh, why worry? I just wanna watch her dance!

No one

I always cringe when I see skateboard fails

Iztli TG

Niño psicópata, yo lo mandaba a educación militar por idiota.

Ava Balentine

that poor kid at the start, I feel bad for him.

Madison Andre

i love your vids


4:11 OMG I can feel the pain

You Insta What

Das ist wie 3d auf einmal kommt da was voll auf das Handy und man erschreckt sich (fast bei sllen vidéos)


is it just me or does this sound like a possesed rooster.... 6:35

Ria xem

That humster died?

Sweeney Bee

Arrrffff professional eye : Girl, this Hamster... The cage is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too small... oh boy... is that a strawberry ? Holy sh*t no fruits for Hamster, no sugar never ever. Poor little creature... and he's fat omg.

me :... Bruh.

No Name

Hahaha 1:10

Max The Bunny

3:11 my fav part

Андрей Тыдыков

охуенная реакция


I've seen people get hit in the balls, face, gut, etc, and don't really cringe, but the one at 4:13 made me cringe hard. It sounded like it hurt like a bitch. lol.

Teddy Rugspin

The water bottle one is stupid only morons do that stuff. My buddys kid messed his eye up really bad. lost most vision at school someone did this to him. Idiots! An eye for an eye! Wheres my grapefruit spoon!!!!!!!

Genevieve Simpson

The unique plane identically double because knee pathophysiologically rush plus a delicious baseball. nappy, powerful jar

Triple Threat x3

Check out my mother***** scootaaa ah!

Mike 649Foxx

Teasing animals is never funny. Ever.

Chris Aisthorpe

Love the vids in fail army compilations as 70% of them are pure stupidity


omg that kid just laughs while her/his mom gets on fire


Everyone who see this comment pray to get me out of my troubles and make me go to heaven

Clayton Johnson

it was really funny when then the guy said check out my m*********er then he just falls


I've never seen anyone break a hamster before.


If you're gonna do the blow-dryer trick, do NOT use corn starch baby powder or flour. Make damn sure it is TALCUM powder.

Max The Bunny

3:15 i laugh at that


4:15 wanna see something very painful?


7:07 thats the spawn of satan XDXD jkjkjk maybe not...

Ten Ton

that little kid who was laughing when the blow dryer became a flamethrower is the spawn of satan

Diogenese Senna

1:18 That is one pissed off Hamster - Revenge will be taken.