Conor McGregor MAKES FUN of Jake Paul EXPOSING Him!

Conor McGregor MAKES FUN of Jake Paul EXPOSING Him!

320 503 views | 10 Jan. 2021

Conor McGregor MAKES FUN of Jake Paul EXPOSING Him!

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Joe Linden

Does Jake really think he’ll beat mcgregor

Beast the Grim executioner

There is a clear difference between beating up someone that can't fight and beating up someone that can fight, Jake is too over his own head. The win increases his insecurities and his brother getting a fight with real boxer increases his insecurities even more. Kid spiraling out of control even with a win.... Damn it's almost like a curse

eric debord

$50,000,000 is a whole lotta money and it's a whole lotta money too.
Just take the fight and take the money.
It's just a whole lotta of money

Brian Hughes

Yea I like Logan but I can’t stand Jake. He’s such a weasel. Cringe king.

Woofy Boy

I saw jake
Sparring a 50 !!!! Year old man for three rounds in Tarzana CA ones and jake was asking for a bucket to puke in

Boki Malemba

Jake Paul is resist

Dan Roberts

I bet jake Paul isn’t going to ufc 257 to back everything he’s said


Hey Conner you would get K O by Jake


Anyone who thinks a few inches matters in a boxing match has clearly never heard of Tyson.

Davie Miller

Mcgregor went to boxing for money so why get a boxing win for money.. and I am a Mcgregor fan from day one☘

Rob D

So in other words Jake is picking on a fighter who he perceives to be weaker on every level..

J.A.R. Family

Fake clown boxer.... Either Paul is not a legitimate boxer. They've never fight someone that is a legitimate boxer... So guess neither is REAL until they do it. Jake is JOKE POLE!!!!


Finally no more 2hype

Laviolette Racing

He thinks the ppv were bought for him!? Hahaha no one even knows who he is! Lol i bet i could ask 1000 poeple and maybe 10 max would know who this punk is.. je might of knocked out Nate Robinson but he still looked like an absolute rookie in there

Martyn Payne

There’s nothing to see here. Move along


iam 30...and this guys is closer to my age? why is it a trend now to be surrounded by little kid cloths?


Ever seen a large man get smashed? They don't take it well it's harder to watch actually

Noah Frye

Lol mcgregor is the best he’s ever been

Fish Eggs


JackPeach1997 - Animation

Bad video, that interview was released way before Bake Paul called him out

zCrispyCamo -_-

I just wanna see jake Paul get PAPPED

Miguel Cardoso Faria

Tottaly useless content.


Dude" Conor is not just a professional ufc fighter, he is also a professional business man" and knows how to sell fights and no offense for the fans", let's be honest", conor is also a professional trash talker". Whatever is paul saying it won't affect conor, conor mentality is way ahead than Paul and his sh*ty brother

John T

Is this guy completely clueless.

Curly Josh

Connor use of distance will be his un doin

chaston ditta

that wasnt him talking abt jake and this isnt a beef this is a jake trying to beef with connor


Those Influencers should die straight up

wyatt murrin

All Jake the snake is is a scared little pussy. And at the end of the day all he does is try and egg Conor on but we all know who would win at the end of the first round IF they fight which most likely will not happen and for Jake's sake i hope it doesn't. But if it makes Jake feel better i mean go ahead and keep chirping, but all you look like is a total moron.


Yeah bro that interview was wayyy before Jake even mentioned his name. Fact check before posting my g

Aaron Haigh

Cheers for wasting me time lad

Warner Bryan

I would love to see Conor and Jake fight in the cage, and watch Jake get rekt. Jake is just trying to one up his brother

Ronette Prinsloo

Logan and Paul are both childish idiots. Would love to see someone beat he’s ass.

Jay N

The Paul's are such trash human beings that I actually like Connor better, and I cannot STAND Connor.

Joel Nieß

Its so funny how Jake says he is a rapper as well... bro you got like 500k monthly listeners on spotify with your fanbase... If that isn’t enough prove that his music is shit and isn’t going anywhere than I don’t know...

Gunner Lucero

Funny how he says he made the ppv but Tyson fight was older brawlers and was a good fight to take credit on it is sad

Randy Kirk

Your an idiot

jay cook

Whats going on with the twat in the red hat, big sweede small hat

Sundizzle Bhambizzle-Bazzle

“Second place to me”
“To Mike Tyson”

garry whitelaw

I am 6 foot.... Surely Nate Diaz is over 6 foot??? He looks very tall/lanky


i wanna see logan vs jake lol

danktree93 _

Size don’t matter you fucking idiot. Conor has a kick power stronger than the strength of a tigers jaw. Conor kicks at 6,000+fps. Conor would fockin ruin joke Paul lmao


I wish jake was around when Mike Tyson was in his prime and jake called him out that would be insane

Jon P

How can I fight in the ufc? Last time I was in the ring I got choked out and woke up covered in feces and was foaming up pre workout outta my mouth. I guess when I blacked out my bowels went limp and it was like the Hoover dam flowing mud. I did a punch test and they said my overhand right is the same energy as a full grown elk bucking his horns into an oak tree during mating season.

Geada 7 Music

06:18 wtf is happening with Mr Dana White? His eyes, face? I hope he is ok.

Jack Ratchet

Jake is delusional

Rambo j

dont tlalk about that donkey ksi, nobody cares

Matt badasss

Conor will end Jake's wannabe career in fighting. He's got to stick to entertaining pre teens. Flop

corridos mex

Heads up don’t watch this video is complete click bait

Derrick Khroun

His not insecure,he just wants to make history legacy cool things bro

Jimmy Suplex

Dana White was spot on about you absolute morons paying to see youtubers who can’t throw a punch Box each other you guys make me

Red Oak

Why doesnt jake just become a full time boxer if he likes it so much?

Strength 48

Who's Jake Paul?


If anything, Conor is barely entering his prime

Real Boxing

I think Jake's forgetting Connors last fight


Dont make a part2

Josh Henry

Mayweather vs McGregor 4m ppv

Kevin Reckard

Jake is begging

Helpo Tty

Yes to mike Tyson not you little worm

kun aguero

Man how mad must jake be doing so much to get him in the ring and conor ignoring him like he doesnt exist


TBH, Conor seriously is a changed man! damn, his mindset is so different...

Kerim Dylan

fuck you bitch Logan

John O'Neill

He said that Connors wife is a 4! Ouch! She’s really a 6.

James Talintyre

Joke Paul!!!

SwankyTesters Legendary Gaming

Agree with Conor saying the mirror and trash talkers insecurities, everything I see tweets talking any boxer or ufc guy losing I say the same thing how you talking shit about another man's victory like they did it. I get enjoying your favorites fighters win but why trash the guy for losing and the way they did like that person talking would do it to that guy.

dwayne carter

Wait a minute..... Logan paul and Jake paul are two different people ??. Which one fought nate Robinson?? Wtf is going on ???


who pays these people to be famous

HH Invest



I dont like both of them but i would defitnely pay to see Jake's ass getting KICKED.

James Patrick Rabbitt

Connor looks washed up

tinley sangpo

Fuck jake Paul

Zapsi 6s

What if Jake won but the chance of that would be very slim Jake needs to take a chill pill he gone get macked

Anthony Laudano


Dustin 2Dust

Why doesn’t Jake fight a guy his size

Vincent Tamayo

Did Jake not see Canelo versus Callum Smith he was seven inches taller and canelo still beat his ass.

Junior & dads rc

Cant wait to see jake get his ass fuked up.

Zether 1456

he should fight max holloway 145 pounds 5 foot 11

Ciaran Cooke

Why should McGregor mention that Muppets fucking name.


Really hope Conor fights him and knocks Jake Paul’s gigantic ego

native pride

Conor is going to fuck you barely won that fight with Nate

Ryan B

Conors going to smoke this dude

Spencer Wilcox

I like Logan after this


Jake Paul surrounds himself with pussy ass soy boys. So he has dropped a few soy boy mates in sparring that can’t fight doesn’t make him anything. No better than Charlie zelenoff.

Fred Mccowan

This is what happens when you make morons millionaires!

Pukar Shrestha

Jake paul is a pussy he can fight he and his brother is just a kid

inspired by Nature

Jake Paul is like trying so hard to be popular in every way lol ever since he got pumped up boxing hes way ahead if himself he can't even control his emotions he has like bipolar issues

Fuh Q

conor should just knock out paul in one punch

Guile Amaw

i can see jake paul is a conor McGregor fan boy come on guys he dreams to fight his idol someday

Jonny Allan

"He gets gassed"

SwankyTesters Legendary Gaming

Oh and Conor and floyd had 2nd highest ppv of all time behind pac vs may and Conor was the reason it had the 2nd highest. Sorry Jake your 8th all time claim wasn't because of you.

Sevastian Gomez

Jake is doggy doodoo

Young Offenders

The Conor interview was before 254 which was in October which was before jake turned into a Conor hater


The fight would last less than a minute. And Jake would end up face down.

John Johnson

Baby hulk would fuck jake paul up

Neglekt Official Channel

Subbed. I'm pretty sure Connor can slap this dude and still put him to sleep.

Darren Ambrose

Y’all missing the the logger picture... all for fame

Ramiro Ramirez

Dude got jokes..,,,, you a fool !

Cory-jay Burton

Not gonna lie I want it to happen just so Connor can shut this fucking idiot up Connor would ko in first round


Silly comments, $50M is a big chunk for anybody, so why not just fight Jake Paul and collect the money... after all if Floyd fought Connor (who as a boxer is pretty much a novice) and if he is fighting Jake now, so should Conor. Money fight. Dont forget Stipe Miocic fights, the toughest man in the universe fights for $1M.

Jose Luis Palacios

McNuggets is actually smart, I discredit everything I’ve said in the past

NagaHumanbeing ZooOfParticles

guys dislike for clickbait. wasted time ill never get back