THE ADDICTION BEGINS! | Fortnite (Battle Royale) #1

THE ADDICTION BEGINS! | Fortnite (Battle Royale) #1

4 613 243 views | 22 Feb. 2018

I haven't played much Fortnite before but I'm already addicted to it!



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This is the golden age of jackaboi

Hazel Flores-Kekauoha

who wish fortnite was like this now days today people craking 90ds and try hards chapter 2 seson 5




when there was no Justins back then

MR. Lasagne

jack looking at chug jug stats: that's a lotta damage

Ivan Parsons

damnit I got nostalgia


Jack places nineth me pops a 17 kill game

Kieran Carr



When I see tilted... I tilt my head as I can't believe it. RIP tilted


Before this video started I saw kernel sanders animated onto a bucket of chicken in a ad

Hage Hagnes

who else watching this in 2021?

V Chi

8:32 my friend named Leon watching:

Makiah Martinez

Rule #1 dont let jack have a RPG
Rule #2 no RPG for jack


Remember the good ol' days where youtubers never really called the other players sweats, noobs, and all that jazz? No one ever sweated their balls off tryna kill you, oooohhh how I wish I had this version of the game, along with the people at the time too.

Matthew Gallo

Rip Loot Lake

lorcan reid

Imagine jack plying this season the second he landed he would already be in the top twenty lol

Minty bear

It’s 2020 and I missed old fortnite

Margaret Queen

Imagine being rooted by jacksepticeye. JACKSEPTCEYE

Oscar Velazquez

Jack, you are 10 better than me, and I've been playing for a while

Jayden Stiles

bruh 2021 watching old jac means so much to me ive, been watching him for 6 years and ive kept an eye on him when he hit 100k i was here

omaryaboi lol

every time he speaks all i can hear is dudes a beast

eric has no views



Get those f***ing chuggables


This is classic og times I want to go back TAKE ME BAAAACK

Riley Ross

Which season was this?


jack:*Dosent build*

Me in 2021:* does way too many retakes and making montages*

Tacitus Kilgore

I miss these simple days of fortnite

King Greg

Jack: I’m just happy I’m getting kills

Me in 2020, still shit at the game: me too

mango 9308

Not me missing old fortnite

Dymamite _0811

2:26 trust me Jack, he probably had the same idea as you.

3:48 also, that was a time when someone didnt use that 3 inches from your face

Levi Freed

Me rewatching the fortnite series after watching Dudes a Beast

Ari and brother Mikesell

Despite being a noob at Fortnite (at the time) you are a smart cookie

Cater Man

watching this in 2021 all the 9 year old sweats builds 0.06 seconds after being shot at

Carlos Gonzalez

ahh classic fortnite i miss this

Ella Hamato Films

Sean is looking for Noobmaster69

Random Director


Farming boy

Why is this on my Recommended



ffs step on it lo

i miss wailing woods

xd_Mario Torres

When i watched him go by anarchy, i thought someone was hiding in the haystack

Joshua Taylor

I love how the first thing he tries is jumping off a cliff

MR. Lasagne

me: just learned how to crank 90s

sweaty 9 year olds: builds the white house after being shot at


watching in 2021 and realising how good it was back then

gladiator 1

Dude a beast


Fun fact in almost all of these videos he freaking kills me yup I was that bad

But at least I was killed by jackaboy

Petersfilm Studios LTD

My name is Leon

Light Swytch

This was 2 years ago and a different era

Siem Jacobs

Jack is better than I am right now

Ñö Ńâmę

3:37 feel your phone/ tablet speakers

just random stuff ye


pathOnCRACKGT 0w0

dahm i rememer season 1 ch 1 wt the homies after school

dakota seeley

Watching this now is so nostalgic... it almost had me crying

Bryce Packer

Dang back when this game was good

JMan K

Me watching this two years later and realizing that Sean is better than me back then, then I am now

Chill Dogg News

Tilted towers is back,


J1the Goat


Jared Wilson

15:53 cooga boogs

owen shirey

i miss the old times i amost forgot how bad people was back then and now we have 12 year olds makeing pools of sweat


Ah the OG map not what we have now!

Meep Tastic!

Ah, OG days

Sourr Pr0digy

Why nobody talking about the sound effects the sound effects use to be great but now they are just trash

Dade O Connor

4 year olds are better than me ive seen them crankin 90s

Jake Hall

Me in 2020 all sad because I miss the old map, old player base, old weapons, and when the game was enjoyable. Seeing people upload and get excited abt it

Justice League crew

I love how jack roots for the people that kill him and hope they win

Rycky Stark

Who else watching in 2057

Terrence Scott

the kid TT_Leon was me btw

Darren Rice

Kratos is a fortnite pack now play pleeeeaaaassseeeeee

Leo Bates

Anyone else in 2020?


man bro back then those skins were just plain skins and no one freaked out after one shot

jack totton

2018 was the worst year ever and sean if you ever see this 2021 isn't any better than 2020 for me not even a week in and my dog died

Anirai Bindra

Back when jack septic eye played good video games ...


Yo now ppl build 5 star hotels with free wifi, 2 pools, 3 different buffets and a gym

Oliver Brown

Them background shot noises bring me back

Skylee De Los Santos

Im back here because I completely forgot he played fortnite and I only remembered because he played Akinator again recently and said he played fortnite and I was like "He Did!?!??!?!?!??!?!??" And now I'm here

David Still

This makes me sad. I miss when Fortnite was like this, with a consistent map and weapons and people would only build relatively modest builds. Also fifty v fifty and teams of twenty were my favorite game modes and they haven't been brought back in a long time.

Jack Lordan

U and lazarbeam should play together

Christian Oldham

I used to record my gameplay in season 1, and I go back to it and watch. And it just makes me miss those days. Now that’s it’s 2021

Spring Boom

Does jack even know that he is fighting bots -_-

Penguin power

Jack is acting like a noob but people thought he was really good


damn im watching this in 2021 fortnites so hard now with 9 year olds building every 0.000000001 seconds

Skyfrost 45

7:02 the sweats rise

klaudia crofts

You should see it 2021 it

Flame mc

Back when the game was fun

Joshua Cutler

well done

Grady Bomb Gaming

The old days when nobody picked up ammo

Ur Gay

I miss this season

Lincoln Rueter

the elation when he gets a kill is so heartwarming

Christopher Evans

i would have had fortnite in season 2 or 3 but i had to wait until my christmas for it so i started at the end of season 6

Keenan Roulette

Nice!!! <[._.]>


jack: thats a BIG DEFENSE

me in 2020: oh i bet some 4 year old can sweat that out in about 3 nanoseconds

Mosy The Mosasaurus


MR. Lasagne

to me fortnite is still fun

Raynen and His Universe

Jack if you really need help I’ll help you play it’s really simple but the ladder controls if you need Help just DM

Cody Gaming

You know it was jack who got me into this game thanks man

Ari and brother Mikesell

Ya here that Ninga don't watch this video

YT_ raven _YT

man the olds day where the best without people putting "uwu" in there name


Jack: I want this
The ability to play fortnite very well
Ninja:Whats the magic word?

jomarie miles mendoza

just forgot jack is on of the ogs

Truman Swenson

7:23 the non-toxicness makes me want to explode with happieness

Raynen and His Universe