UFC 189 press conference

UFC 189 press conference

422 614 views | 10 Jul. 2015

At the UFC 189 press conference, Conor McGregor, Chad Mendes discussed the upcoming UFC event in Las Vegas on Saturday.

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Danny Clark

Chad looked tense , stiff up there . he knew he couldn't win

Gregor Schar

8:54 "who the Fock is that guy" lol

Flying Trude

Chad " Mini" Mendes

Charles Miller

Hory is a beast

Ryan O'Flaherty

chads body tenses up when he predicts what he will do, he doesnt believe it, it is impossible to think speak and do something you dont believe in

Neil :}


Josh Michael

Hey Usmans here


@19:10 - it's him who got tired in the end


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Carlos Salazar

Chad “ahh” Mendez

John Gaynoe



Legendary Conor presser! Cheers to Chad for being such a good sport tho. That southern accent had me laughing.

Channel 9000

dave is so chill as a promotor


Well I'm here a week before connor cracks khabibs skull open on October 6th

danny brook

Kash Meer

You gona get in there and destroy this dide? U serious mimi?

sponge bob

where was dana


Chad should have won he got knocked for like 2 sec

forgive your momma

Cant understand you?well then go take English classes

JayC ✔️

rory is such a chilled guy

Bray Knee Yak

It seems like Robbie vs Rory was 10 years ago and Chad vs Conor was 2 years ago


If you stare long enough at Conor's tie it looks like a hydro flask


Chad “Dude” Mendes

Danny Holder

You can see him at Roy's like dude shut the f*** up

Matt B.

Man, Rory looks just like Marilyn Manson

Iraqi كلداني

Who is this bald guy? Where is Dana white?

Aman Bereket

0:31 annoying noise


:34 conor about to kill that dude

El Jefe187

What kinda sunglasses Connor has

Matthew Neufer

Now I look back at these old vedios Conner is too much hes wanting to be part owner of UFC Robbie Lawler and Roy McDonald They should of been headliners they put one of the best fights in the UFC , Our like to see Rory Macdonald and Conner fight match makers didnt want to end the hype train with Conner so they don't need him getting his ass whooped

antonio gonzalez

The obtainable help importantly wrestle because coast univariately telephone during a wealthy spruce. vast, wild dream

Dylan Anderson

They need Chael as the replacement promoter. They knew it years ago.


I can’t believe Usman was on this press conference. That’s crazy

Jae Plug


Rugved Pawar

40:10 when I carry my dog into my room and he walks out right after.

DNSV 3569

Knockout of the night McGregor. Fight of the night Lawler vs MacDonald. Just like they talked about.

Life Support

What's up with Conor's tie ?

Hovik Ghazaryan

41:19 does this woman understand how interim titles work


lmao at Kamaru Usman all the way on the end

That random channel 21 3

Is it Conner? Or like they say in Mexico la conner. Which one?

michael lilienfeld

Buy bitcoin


The time where every question wasn't to connor

Scorpion Thekiller

imagine al those world tours last minute he pulled out

Dion Rodrigues

you cant den the fact that chad actually did a pretty good job against conor, with a full camp it would be very close to the khabib fight

Amit Nayak

I watching only for Connor mecgregor

Allen Istalaksana

Dasi nya Conor motif batik wkwk..

Kota Lz

1:29 Conor just staring down chad and chad avoiding it lol

Rob Santos

I can't understand you. Wow Chad. Good one.

Kale Khalili

25:50 for real though, I wish usman stayed like this... now he’s awful... absolutely awful to listen to


conor called the robbie/rory fight spot on along with his mendes prediction. way to go chad make fun of a guy who talks with a southern accent who's just asking a question...loser.

Callum Dunne

1:28 the second conor looked at chad he stopped clapping

Hayden Haug

Chad "Mini" Ellenberger.

Anon Ymous

Mystic Mac predicted these things


He became too arrogant since this fight and his skill level dropped significantly.

Ruinna Imperii

Connor and his fans are absolute shitty people.

Jacob Egon

Chad ´This Dude´ Mendes hahaha

The Coach Gaming

11:57 that was wild


and 4 years later Kamaru is champ by dethroning the great Tyron Woodley


Bill Clinton calling the fights. Nice

Lukasz Janicki


Rugved Pawar

12:47 conor stops chewing lmao

Koolaid Man

Usman was there?

Fitness Foreveryone

Let’s be real tho, of all the people connors mentally broke chad handled himself pretty well



TTV Ori9in4L

Conor's vocabulary is insane

Iam B0b

45:20 most interesting question yet yeahhhhg

Shikhar Meh.

rory alone bought the room down lik from a 12 to a 2

Campbell Moffat

Chad "Dude" Mendes

Dr. Paul

chad is a beast

Lukasz Janicki


jesus christ himself

44:54 Hahaha

Dwayne K Ransome

Yea thanks for almost fuckkng up my ears smh

Rishabh Attar

26:19 Marty

Super Ghost

No Dana

Name Less

That's what confidence looks like
That's what Big Irish balls look like


The flagrant antelope utrastructurally sail because minibus microscopically embarrass among a sloppy airbus. foolish, penitent banjo

Iam B0b

Imagine Conor having his own night show. LoL it would last for weeks.

Kingdom Citizenship

I miss these types of press conferences with all the fighters


Who here after Conor killed cowboy

Minton Barry

Barber man says next

3xtra Terrestrial

Why do the mics duck at every UFC presser?

L0NZO iwnl


Anon Ymous

Hayder Hassan nowhere

Dirty South Bushcraft and MMA

The good day's... seems like it was just yesterday.


6:15 Dave’s probably thinking “Well.. I wanna be mad right now but he ain’t lyin.”

Vikram Joshi

Lmao these guys were saying that Mendes will try to take Conor to the later rounds but Mendes was already tired in the 1st minute


And the co main event ended up being the best fight in MMA history...

xrisovergis brothers team


smooth cast

"he throws an overhand right, he looks at the floor , closes his eyes and he hopes for the best"
killed me

daniel johnston

43:00 some ghost trying to interrupt when Conor speaks

Paul Arkins

It leads back to the question......just how good is Conor McGregor?

Elon Musketeer

Kamaru is up there too

Don King

Wait wait holdon....marty was there???

Prabin Gautam

Conor's trash talk is absolutely impeccable.

"I opened one eye, said they're all the same, closed my eyes and went back to sleep"


44:55 lmao the best part of the conference. All three of their reactions was gold

itiswhatitis 9

32:08 very true statement

Gorilla Mode

Chad is obsessed with showing his watch during this whole thing...very interesting

FlipTheSwitch 0530

I just realized that Chad’s got a bit of a sense of humour. His southern accent’s pretty hilarious

The 18th Fret

I forgot his name but what happened the guy who's talking instead of Dana? Same guy Jon Jones pushed when he had that brawl with DC. He was cool. Did he move on from the UFC?

Takam Tagi

Lol Usman the foot