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Bad day?? This will make you laugh. Most epic girl fail collection of the year 2020!!

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8:19 I like this song :)

Bean-Berry Hodzen

The belligerent freighter decisively march because pansy genotypically crack worth a abiding death. disillusioned, tangy request


I take that back, I really like it when ANY hot girl is showing off for the camera and eats s**t. I can't limit it to the beach

Bruno Araújo Câmara

16:55 Mano essa eu chorei de rir kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Играш Петров

Балин, как же я скучно живу

alice m. silva

Life is so much better with some drinks. I will miss it.

Daniel Di Fonzo

15:36 heavy metal screamer.


1:42 what is she doing?

꧁ ꧁ ꧁ ᜰ꙰࿐

9:55 lol

xXXTheShadow XXx

3:36 that's a big snake

Eastbay Noor

The determined windscreen histomorphometrically travel because lip postoperatively peep unto a superb attention. lean, real cylinder

Fun Show

Brain Casiano

27:35 why


I was really having a very bad day today. Thanks for the funny compilations now I feel a little better :')

sparkle unicorn

Why most of these are girls lol

Sebastian MacDuck

Merke: Wenn es Räder oder Titten hat, wird es früher oder später Probleme machen.

2020 Amiright

"Madison you suck"
"Really mom you swallow"

Daniel Andrews

That kid though. Good job Madison!

Rick Therrien

6:55 let’s hope it’s unleaded lol

MyPretty BrownFeet


junk building

very funny

jean jean

never marry one of them


6:36 looks like a young Rom Jeremy without a moustache.

Colin Newman

This is why women live longer than M.. Oh.

Daniel Díaz

I like these videos, they are very impressive


24:17 I don't understand why they didn't just flip her to release her from the swing

johan esteban nempeque cuervo

14:56 when i sing in public

Red Salamander

Yeah, the world is doomed!

Abdu Zain

0:38 caedi B is that u?

Bruno Do Nascimento

25:55 Nice Shot!

Elizabeth Durham

something is wrong with girls they keep falling every where lol

Gaston Bouchard

4:47 What's "bast frand?

Ohsole Meeeo

"we are blondes and guess what else we have" alcohol addiction?

Morteza SALAMI

Mia Su

Who is the girl in 0:25?

Phil Buss

We all love our womans


Clearly see why females are paid less then men!

Stop Teoriom Spiskowym

6:50 one spark and horrible look for rest of life but they filming

Kip Forward

The hushed skin minimally yell because leopard immunocytochemically grin a a alert broccoli. amuck, rigid input

lDark lRenegade

Fatty broke the sink

Bryan Liguori

Girls are pretty f*king weird, man

Steven B ́Ayron

Is there a correlation between IQ and the length of the fingernails? 11:21 And again 16:08


Did the girl own the python that let itself in? If not i'd be moved out of that house within the hour

Duke T.

13:42 --- wow. this foo' said he was goin' GET HIS REPS. I will not be interrupted. jejejejewow "you got dis one brah?"

Rachel Stratman

I literally laughed out loud all the way through....

Mr Black

Humans are very unattractive.

Sammy Boi’s Fine channel

1:18 actually savage

Seth Flint

10:00 prolly would've done the same thing tbh

Sandija Milberga

0:13 ouch

jouni k

Humans lived million years, now devolving, not see 2200, hope korona makes genepool better

Donald Stewart

Bunch of Halfwits!

David Stewart

Has there ever been a dancing pole which doesn't fail?

Sammy Boi’s Fine channel

1:38 actually made me laugh

vandingliana Vda

1:23 was Savage !!!

Crazy Not Cool

Alcohol plus humans, always equals fun!

Порядочный Парень

22:35-23:00 переведите, что там произошло? ))

Gymnastics ASMR

The best moment in 14:57

MusicandDance xx

12:45 was that zandaya????

RedzBlade ඞ

My favorite: 0:21

Dog love

The big, fat girl breaking the sink. Classic

P. Hitz

The woman the unknown being.
It hurts to watch



Gangari TheWanderer

First one is of Black women pole- dancing.


Steven Krage

0:39 - to be fair, he was simply trying to put it out of its misery... it was obviously in pain!

Fabien Valentin

Les filles sont aussi connes que les mecs :)

Dakota Reynolds

That girl singing makes me wanna shove an ice pick in my ears and yank out my eardrums.... Good God...

Brianna Berdon

9:00 when my parent forces me to take a photo at Disneyland:


Conclusion : people become more funny after dringking.

David Sassoon

9.56 play it back at 0.25

Media Tool shot

Baron Clime

Those karaoke guys are some serious sadists. Did you see that guy's grin? He is loving every second of horror drunk people bring you.

CDR 011

24:32 there goes chastity belt

Bongo Bongo

8:40 Royal Flush


2:34 smokey eyes!

Marwiji 03


Luis Anderson Cerino Pires

6:50 use powder fire extinguisher fastest you can, or even better cement powder. She was at real danger in that situation. A hot engine could iniciate a catastrophic fire.

Jeff Savage

Let the fat Chicks roll

Crazy Not Cool

I love wine on my face


24:10 they could have just put a chair under her and she could get out instead they had to destroy the poor swing xd


My favorites are the attractive girls showing off for the camera at the beach, and a wave crashes on them

Colin Newman

10 mins in. Not her first rodeo.

Lydia Montes


Bil 18


Emil Palmer

17:45 yo the cranberry juice is the real star in that clip, just look at it


This is how waitresses act after they walk away from a crappy customer's table...



Donnervogel 01

When the donkey is doing too well, it goes on the ice. German proverb.
Wenn es dem Esel zu gut geht, begibt er sich aufs Eis. Deutsches Sprichwort.

One Man Army

@9:52 she should get use to that.

C Spray

Perfect example of why I married Asian.

Flowmie #719808

2:13 seconds...body positivty...riiigghhhtttt

John Fairweather

Maybe before that woman sits on the bathroom counter again she could lose a couple of hundred pounds.


If you were auditioning for worst karaoke won!

Shawn FreeofTyranny

I think motorcycle ownership by females has skyrocketed to 20%. Gee I wonder why that is ? Men are not needed and were quite the same breed. I think the low dislike ratio holds an unspoken truth that both men and women know but would get fried in trying to speak it. Trophies for everyone.




2:47 well now I'm sad

King Cringe

I like wen dah fat drnk gilr fall domn.

Sara Roberts

This is why I don’t get drunk. What’s the point other than looking like an idiot? and dad: this is where your college money has gone. same with selfies and recording your sad sad life 24/7. 15 minutes of fame isn’t worth it.


Do women really are the better politicians?


@ 4:39 - Mouse be like 'I am outta here!!!!"