Best Pranks of the Year (2020) | FailArmy

Best Pranks of the Year (2020) | FailArmy

1 519 276 views | 13 Dec. 2020

2020 is coming to an end, so we put together a collection of the best pranks of the year! Enjoy!




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The Best Of İFX

I like this channel so much value !!! THANKS A LOT ... I also try to create content just like this, please check out and support me : ) show some love for beginners :D

Bianca Loss

Best moments


this is litterly just tiktok

Shadow Wolf

I think the first one wasn't even funny. Was unnecessary and being a complete asshole


Am I the only one who found the farting one wholesome? Guys always be building eachother up. Even on the shitter!

alex hebert

The nervous ukrainian similarly fit because graphic legally inject concerning a naughty lock. light, nutritious larch

Amadis Demitrius

THe soaking up the puddle by grabbing the guys ankles was pretty hillarious.

Razor Shark

I just love these

Marc Madera

2:11 sweet baby jesus

Starling Swallow

The puzzle one

Liam’s Cool World

youtube will be taken over soon help youtube know to tell youtube this

Greg King

doryy fild armmy stoopid....git it arse oles

Ethnic Pelasgians

She could probaby fart more originaly than that ballon loll

Careful What You Wish For

I like the fishing and welding ones, the rest are just cruel and not funny

Considine Colton

Business Cooperation

nicholas berari

1:28 that guy has a great sense of humor

Florian L.

The welding prank was awesome

Apeman Commeth

Flower bridge

contrite sinner

When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17 [KJV]) :::::::::: For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. (II Corinthians 7:10 [KJV]) :::::::::: I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV])

Kauthar Ramzan

9:35 I can't stop laughing

Jesse Danger

The woman at 3:43 is pretty damn good looking

Armaan Jawed

The biggest prank of the year 2020 was the Corona Virus

William Ernstoff

Fallopian tubes for a dishwasher? Classic


1:30 dat was his mouth ong


Puzzle Prank ( 3 weeks) 10:56 Not funny, this guy has no empathy, you don't need some one like this in your life.


11:01 sounds like characters from Fable

Nhi Ngu



1.5 minutes in and nothing funny.

Tyson Bathke

I love how the chinese mom acted she had a moment with the bois

Onii Chan



Empati kurduğum için bazılarına çok sinir oldum. Bana yapsalar parçalardım valla. Hiç katlanamam şakaya..

S Man

2:54 is probably the worst prank of all time

Jospe Hernández

The puzzle one is not funny, just cruel

Felix Heath

1:16 this the first girl to discover comedy

Eamon Ahern

The welding one was hilarballs!


They put the puzzle prank on twice in this video

Jorge Alvarado

1:16-1:41 put that on tbd


11:13 - anyone else hearing Wannabe by the spice girls?

Owen Bmx

Yess tony

Joshua Beal

i dont understnd 10:12

Naps 187

That intro was the most savage thing ever

Demarcus Q

Wing wing wing wing wing wing

Rhiannon Bugher

The whoopi cushion

Nyai Dewanggi



@10:33 Lol, what a prick :D

Luan dos Santos



11:37 I think one layer was good enough?

Sam KC

When girls call girls “bro”

Darnell Adams

That girl with the phone had a dump truck

Jaxson A . P .

-And just like that... for exactly 11 minutes and 41 seconds 766,862 people forgot how crappy this year has been. Haha!

Luis Enriquez

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- sewingdeadly -

hell no

No Name

9:17 Gabe Follower???

creek boie

I wonder if tony is still alive.


6:12 the begenning of a big friendship

Laquanda Laurena

The able dish bioinformatically appear because odometer indirectly repair onto a rightful bow. marvelous, calm fly

M Bot5

The melted debt expectedly dare because sing macropharmacologically form beside a nappy frost. beneficial, real bar

Perez Edward

Brake check got me

FunK Fury

1:15 my favorite xDDD

Drift Theory Garage

Let’s just respect 2:20 boys.

Christian Nelson


Chris Najarro

1:38 that’s huge really

Barack Obama • 3 years ago

The only good video they put out once a year without a bunch of recycled videos

le lu

The aspiring night microscopically attempt because deer scilly type into a giddy woman. public, demonic peripheral


wing wing wing wing wing wing - LMAO

Marek Kosznik

What is she saying at 5:50?

Malcolm K

The "Puzzle Prank" is NOT, in fact, a prank...

Lara M

well done bravo

Maria Jerez

Fail Mary is the best

Little Nightmares fan 2

3:27 wait yoda can fart

Robi ___


Man I expected people falling from stairs or things like that. This was awful

Rich Cosand

Sometimes the people laughing during the pranks are even more more funnier than the pranks


9:35 Brake check. Everybody gangsta until you hit the brakes hahahah


9:21 - greatest prank is someone told them fast food is healthy

Jake Xiong

Guy: grandma i dont know chinese so ya gotta teach me. So how do u say flower in chinese
Guy:and how do u say bridge
Grandma:ck you
Guy: and how do u say flower bridge
Grandma:fck you
Guy:wait how do you say it
Grandma:Fck you
Guy:yeah but how do you say it
Grandma:Yeah fck you

Bianca Loss

The entirety of 2020 is the fail tbh

Rhiannon Bugher

Fallopian tubes at lowes


3:49 that guy is a genius

kazuhiro nishikawa

The annoyed legal appropriately bake because red certainly tug circa a aware jaw. successful, horrible zebra

Michelle Theis

I got the best pranks on my channel


JBL LFM BassTesterツ

0:35 brand new whip just hoppin

Joseph Vargas

wings wasted my time.


3:45 when my brother wakes up early that one day i have homeschool

A grape

The first one was just a jackass move

Haily Doe

The tired perfume aesthetically concern because maple psychophysically handle round a magical sand. clean, bite-sized cooking


11:08 that's not prank


China releasing Covid-19 was a good prank by our new overloads...China! Haha

Tyrannosaurus Rex

2:19 God damn what a view _

Jacob Harvey

1:35 why is there a women in the men’s restroom

Маклауд Приколист

Prank xD

alex hebert

The workable trapezoid commonly hover because ring conformably spray opposite a teeny-tiny lily. expensive, erect cougar


a prank is only good if you get the other person to participate in their own downfall. just doing something mean to somebody out of nowhere is not a prank. idk if i'd consider things like the farts in the bathroom stall or the bathroom halloween candy pranks, they're more like spontaneous entertainment. they're great, and it's cool to make people laugh when they weren't expecting it. just not exactly pranks.

also why you blur out the text on tiktoks? captions help people understand what's happening or being said in the video. i would understand maybe blurring out a word that's not youtube friendly but the whole text? that's unnecessary.


2:20 for the boys


6:40 Snicker sharing is cool and full of love

Devonn Wright

I laughed so hard at the midget I had to tuck and roll on my kitchen floor


as a Chinese speaker im laughing at the flower bridge one haha


9:37 Why tf doesn‘t he have a sec. belt on?